United States Conference of Mayors


Chair: Christian Mesa

Topic A: Immigration and Sanctuary Cities

Topic B: The Growing Threat of Climate Change

The United States Conference of Mayors is the official non-partisan organization of large cities that promotes urban policy on issues such as terrorism, transportation, and domestic law enforcement. The Conference also seeks to develop intercity relationships, ensure that federal policies meet urban needs, and provide mayors the tools to lead their cities more effectively. During its annual meetings, mayors from across the nation collaborate to create and adopt policy positions that collectively represent the views of America's mayors -- and influence decisions by Congress and the President. As representatives and leaders of the nation's populous cities, delegates will be tasked to address how cities can respond to growing threats from climate change, as well as challenges related to immigration and sanctuary cities.

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About the Chair: Justin McCartney is a junior in the Georgetown School of Foreign Service concentrating in Culture and Politics, and is originally from Swedesboro, New Jersey. Justin first became involved in Model UN during his freshman year of high school, and hasn’t been able to escape since. He has traveled with Georgetown’s MUN team and has senior staffed both of Georgetown’s conferences, NCSC and NAIMUN. Outside of Model UN, Justin, along with his Co-Chair, Christian, and NCSC XLV Executive Director, Aaron Bennett, runs a weekly political podcast, Fly on the Wall, and does work with Georgetown’s student government. He also enjoys spending many weekend nights at The Tombs, especially for Trivia Nights. Justin is incredibly excited to be serving as your Co-Chair for U.S. Conference of Mayors, along with one of his best friends and roommates, Christian! 

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About the Chair: Christian Mesa is a member of the Georgetown University Class of 2019, majoring in Government and minoring in History and Theology. Christian first became interested in Model United Nations in high school in Long Beach, California. After attending NAIMUN LII as a delegate, Christian fell in love with the conference and what Model UN could do for the education of a high school student. Outside of Model UN, Christian can be found lobbying for issues he is passionate about in DC through various political advocacy internships. Christian is also on the Student Board of the Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service, as well as hosts a podcast for the Institute entitled Fly on the Wall, where he talks to political professionals about what it’s like being in the room where big decisions are made. He enjoys rooting for the Los Angeles Dodgers and playing a round of golf on a sunny afternoon. Christian is very excited to welcome everyone to Washington in October where he hopes everyone will come out of the weekend having learned something that they can successfully take into their next endeavors.