The Ad-hoc Committee of the Secretary-General

Chair: Naba Rahman

CM: John Erath

NOTE: Delegates in the ad-hoc will not receive the committee topic prior to first committee session on thursday evening. 

The Ad-hoc Committee of the Secretary-General is an annual competition of the best delegates in the North American circuit. Delegates in this committee are tasked with the most difficult of challenges and should be prepared for a weekend of a lifetime. Both debate and crisis in the Ad-hoc committee have been meticulously structured to challenge and to excite everyone, and delegates in the Ad-hoc Committee are sure to come away with an experience they will never forget. 

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About the Chair: Naba Rahman is a member of the School of Foreign Service Class of 2019. Hailing from the beaches of Sarasota, Florida, but now living in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, she is majoring in Science, Technology and International Affairs, minoring in Spanish, and is an honors candidate in International Business Diplomacy. While dedicating her life to debate back in high school, Naba has now found herself entrenched in the all-encompassing world that is Model UN. Even though she has spent her four years at Georgetown competing in large General Assemblies, Naba's passion lies in staffing crisis, serving on three secretariats for both NCSC and NAIMUN. Most recently, Naba was honored to serve as the Secretary-General for NCSC XLV.

While NCSC has fundamentally defined her Georgetown career, all good things must come to an end. Naba now allocates her time to serving as the Managing Director for the Social Innovation and Public Service Fund, coordinating a $1.5 million university endowment allocation to augment student initiatives.

At her very first NCSC, Naba had served as the USG for the Ad-Hoc committee. It could not be more fitting that her last NCSC she spends now as chair of the Ad-Hoc. She thanks you all for the past three years and is at the edge of her seat with excitement for what will surely be a committee to remember and a NCSC to never forget.  

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About the Crisis Manager: John Erath is a member of Georgetown’s class of 2020 in the School of Foreign Service studying International History with a focus on Latin American military history and is incredibly excited to be your CM for the Ad Hoc committee, at NCSC XLVI this year. He is also pursuing a Certificate in Australia and New Zealand studies and minoring in Portuguese, so if you have interests in any of those fields, he is more than capable of talking about them for hours on end. When John is not traveling with Georgetown’s MUN team or staffing conferences, he works with Residential Living at Georgetown and participates in College Republicans and the 1634 Society. This will be his 4th NCSC, and he's incredibly excited to welcome delegates to this year's Ad Hoc for a committee that will no doubt push them to the limits of their creative abilities. John values creative solutions and quick thinking above all, and can't wait to see delegates come up with arcs that he's never seen before. Best of luck!