NCSC XLVI Registration Policies and Procedures

If you have any questions as you move through this process, please feel free to contact our Director of Delegate Affairs, Mark Wilcox, at

Conference Fees

Regular Registration (April 14-Aug 1)

Delegation Fee $75

Delegate Fee $95

Late Registration (Aug 1-Sep 9)

Delegation Fee $90

Delegate Fee $99

*Please note that Late Registration will only occur if positions are still available.

Delegation Size

There is no minimum or maximum delegation size. Large and small delegations will be categorized according to the average delegation size. For a current estimate of the cap for the small delegation category, please contact our Director of Delegate Affairs, Mark Wilcox, at

Submission of Registration

Once you have registered, our Director of Delegate Affairs, Mark Wilcox, will confirm your account and send an invoice. Payment is due one month from the date the invoice is sent. If you are experiencing any difficulties or do not hear from Mark after you submit your registration, please contact him at

Fulfillment of Payment

Schools may pay for the conference in two ways:

Check: Please make all checks out to the “Georgetown International Relations Association Inc.” All checks should be sent to the following address:

Georgetown International Relations Association, Inc.

3220 N St. NW #176

Washington, DC 20007


Credit Card:

Payment by Credit Card will occur via PayPal invoice. Please note that there is an additional 4% service fee to schools who choose to pay by this method.

Please note your payment preference on the registration form.

Fees and Refunds

Delegate Drops

If a delegation must release claimed delegates, the delegation is responsible for late drop fees in accordance to the following timelines:

April 15-September 21: Spot(s) may be released with no penalty and with a full refund of the delegate fee(s) of the dropped delegate(s).

September 22-October 21: The delegation will be responsible for paying the delegate fee(s) of the dropped delegate(s) in full.

Delegation Withdrawal

If a delegation chooses to fully withdraw from the conference, the delegation may claim a refund in accordance with the following timeline:

April 15 – August 1: Full refund of total payment.

August 2 – September 21: 50% refund on total payment or expected fulfillment of 50% of total payment.

September 22-October 21: No refund; delegation is expected to pay 100% of registration fees.

All requests for refunds must be directed to the Executive Director, Avery League, at

Position Assignment Policy

Schools will not receive their committee and position assignments until we have received all conference fees or we have confirmation that a school funding board has approved a request for payment.

Important Dates & Deadlines

September 15, 2018: Booking of Accommodations Due

September 21, 2018: Committee Preferences Due

September 23, 2018: Distribution of Committee Assignments

October 6, 2018: Final Roster Due


We look forward to seeing you at NCSC XLVI!