USG: caleb yip

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Regionals is a new crisis organ debuting at NCSC XLVI in response to delegate demand year after year for more of NCSC’s high caliber crisis committees. This year, this new organ is composed of crisis committees that bring actors from multiple states in specific regions of the world together to solve specialized and high profile crises that have the potential to change the patterns of international relations across the globe. Committees are generally the size of more traditional crisis committees (18-22 delegates) and follow normal crisis procedure. Committees in this organ include the Bohemian Grove, 1945, an exciting and mysterious collection of individuals tasked with levying their individual power to change the world, and the NATO Withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2012, a pivotal time in a region of instability and chaos, among more. This organ is perfect for delegates seeking to delve into deeply substantive crisis with a special emphasis on the layers of challenges that accompany unique cultures and histories cooperating in the security realm.

Inside the Inner Circle: Bohemian Grove, 1945

Operation Astute: The Battle for East Timor, 2006

Afghan Twilight: NATO Withdrawal, 2012

A Rift in the Gulf: Persian Gulf Crises, 2017