Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, 1993

Chair: Carley Mambuca

Topic A: Terrorism and its Effect on the Movement of Peoples

Topic B: Inter-ethnic Tensions and Nationalist PocketS

Note: Delegates in this committee will be competing in double delegations.

The Fourth Ministerial Council Meeting of the Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe (OSCE) took place in Rome in 1993. Tasked with working towards sustainable solutions to some of the continent’s most pressing security issues, this body focused on the ideas of interethnic tensions and the rise of nationalist pockets, as well as the relationship between international migration and terrorism in Europe. The continent at this time was undergoing a period of rapid and unprecedented change. With the recent fall of the Soviet Union and tensions escalating to violence and chaos in the Balkans, inter-ethnic tensions and nationalist pockets began to sprout around Europe, posing serious threats to the stability of European governments and security of European peoples. Furthermore, violence in the Gulf states and the relatively easy movement of peoples across state lines contributed to a spike in terrorism across the continent, putting the legitimacy of European security systems at risk and causing many to question the strength of European leadership. The stability of Europe is at risk, and it is the task of each member nation to come together and develop solutions for a secure Europe confident in tomorrow.

About the Chair: Carley Mambuca is a member of Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service Class of 2019, majoring in Science, Technology, and International Affairs, concentrating in Security Studies, and minoring in Spanish. She also has a Global Business Fellowship in Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business and is pursuing a career in Management Consulting after she graduates next spring. She is using her senior year to write a thesis on the prevalence of cyber-terrorism around the world and its relationship to varying severities of privacy law. Carley has been participating in Model United Nations since her very first day of high school, and she is an active member of Georgetown MUN, traveling to several conferences each semester and serving as a Director of Training for the Conferences Staff. She also is the Executive Director Emeritus of NAIMUN. On campus, she is the Chief Financial Officer of her sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta, a Director of Events on Georgetown’s Senior Class Committee, and a Blue & Gray Tour Guide. When she has time to get off of the Hilltop, she enjoys running to the monuments, photoshooting around DC, and brunching with her roomies. More than anything, she absolutely loves Model United Nations, and she is so excited to share this committee experience with you all for her final NCSC, which is sure to be the best the circuit has seen in a long time!