Operation Astute: The Battle for East Timor, 2006

Chair: Sonia Gupta

CM: Tara Subramaniam

Alliances will be forged and tested when military and government leaders from Timor, surrounding countries, and major international players convene to confront a region teetering on the brink of war. From the lead up to Operation Astute through the tense summer of 2006, it is up to the committee to determine how to quell the rising ethnic and military tensions in East Timor, testing the limits of international intervention. The Battle for East Timor will shape the geopolitical landscape in the Pacific for years to come. Be prepared for a fast-paced weekend of challenging crises and high-level debate. With the course of history hanging in the balance, will you rise to the challenge?


About the Chair: Sonia Gupta is a student in the Walsh School of Foreign Service Class of 2020. She is pursuing a major in International Politics, with a concentration in International Law, Institutions and Ethics and a certificate in International Development. Can you tell she likes international affairs? Sonia hails from the beautiful but slightly basic state of New Jersey and when she refers to “the city” she’s obviously talking about New York. She’s been involved with Model UN since her freshman year of high school and hasn’t looked back, chairing conferences for Georgetown each year. Outside of Model UN, you can find her dreaming of the next DC restaurant on her bucket list instead of studying or belting out the Hamilton soundtrack.


About the Crisis Manager: Tara is a member of the Class of 2019 in the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, majoring in International Political Economy with a minor in Mandarin and multitasking. While Tara actually hails from Atlanta, Georgia, she often pretends to be from a small town in France near Normandy and aspires to one day be like CJ Cregg or Elizabeth McCord. Last year, Tara served on NCSC Secretariat as Chief of Staff. She is thrilled to serve as CM in the Battle for East Timor to cap four years of NCSCs!