USG: Siddharth Muchhal

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Joint Crisis is a popular returning NCSC organ that allows delegates to explore conflict and combat in a different way. In this organ, committee staffs operate two traditional crisis committees of 16-18 delegates simultaneously that can choose to operate in tandem or directly compete against each other. Each of these pairs of committees have two Chairs, two Crisis Managers, and one Coordinating Crisis Manager. This year, explore one of the largest conflicts that could-be with the JCC: Sino-Soviet Split and a crisis in one of the most conflict-ridden areas of the world in the JCC: First Balkan War. This organ is an exceptional opportunity for delegates to try their hand at walking the dangerous lines between diplomacy and war in some of the largest conflicts of the recent past.

JCC Clash of the Titans: Sino-Soviet Split – USSR

JCC The First Balkan War – The Balkan League

JCC Clash of the Titans: Sino-Soviet Split – China

JCC The First Balkan War – The Ottoman Empire