JCC The First Balkan War: The Balkan League, 1912

Chair: Arisa Herman

Coordinated CM: Saad Bashir

CM: Zaki Thabet

Shortly after the dawn of the 20th century, the struggling Ottoman Empire finds itself embroiled in conflict with the burgeoning Balkan League. Rising nationalistic sentiment, harsh centralization measures, and geopolitical meddling by the greater powers of World War I have concentrated in this powderkeg of a region to produce conditions ripe for explosion. Months of battle, internal conflict, and rebellion, both within and between the Ottoman Empire and Balkan League, would soon ensue. In this dynamic committee, generals, representatives, and political leaders on both the sides of the conflict will fight to shape the uncertain future of the Balkan region, all while navigating the different crises caused by this complex war. Who will triumph in this struggle for power and control?

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About the Chair: Arisa Herman is a member of the class of 2020 in the School of Foreign Service, majoring in International Politics with a concentration in International Law and pursuing a certificate in Diplomatic Studies with a focus on post-war relations between the countries of the former Yugoslavia. She is originally from the Bay Area and will endlessly praise Mexican food and avocados. Over the past two years, Arisa has served as a Director and a Chair for numerous NAIMUN and NCSC committees. Outside of Model UN, Arisa is a SFS Peer Advisor, the Director of Communications, Press, and Journalism for the Georgetown Bipartisan Coalition, and the Historian for Delta Phi Epsilon Professional Foreign Service Sorority. When not in class or doing her extracurriculars, Arisa enjoys ranting about the UN Charter, calling Claudia out on her antics, and forcing her unsuspecting friends to try Vegemite.

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About the Coordinated Crisis Manager: Saad Bashir is a member of the Georgetown University Class of 2019, currently as a major in Political Economy and minor in Linguistics. Originally born in Panama City, Florida, Saad has lived out most of his life in Athens, Georgia and now evolved to living the coffee shop lifestyle in Washington DC. Nowadays, you probably won't find him around campus since he might disappear for a week or so every now and then only to see on Facebook he's in a random country you've never heard of (either hitchhiking with a random local or chatting with a government official - there's no in between). If you are able to find this elusive creature, don't believe you have any chance of escaping from his detailed tirade into energy economics/politics or Belt Road Initiative projects. Well, since he will be your committee's coordinated crisis manager, you'll probably get to see him, but that means only one thing: expect the unexpected...

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About the Crisis Manager: Zaki Thabet is a member of the Class of 2021 in Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service. He intends to major in International Politics with a concentration in Foreign Policy and Policy Processes, and is minoring in French. Zaki is a local, hailing from Maryland, which objectively the best state. He has been a crisis analyst at NCSC and NAIMUN, and is excited to be a crisis manager this year. Model UN has consumed Zaki’s life since he was in the 7th grade. When not doing Model UN related things, Zaki can be found actively not doing work in the student center, or getting #lit on the silent floors of the architectural masterpiece that is Georgetown’s library. All Zaki wants in life is a dog, diplomatic immunity, and D.C. statehood.