Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran, 1980

Chair: Bilva Chandra

Topic A: Rising Tensions with Iraq

Topic B: The Development of Islamic LaW

As tumultuous revolution reached its zenith and 2,500 years of Persian monarchy was annihilated, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini emerges victorious and creates his ultimate vision of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

After the 1979 Revolution, and the 1980 parliamentary elections, there is a complete change in the fibers of Iranian society and the First Parliament must address issues such as the rising tensions with Iraq and the development of Islamic Law to ensure the peace and stability of the new Islamic Republic. 

In the words of our Ayatollah, an “Islamic state means a state based on justice and democracy and structured upon Islamic rules and laws.” Remember your role, guard your party’s interests, and be open to compromise.

About the Chair: Bilva Chandra is a member of the Class of 2020 in the School of Foreign Service, majoring in International Politics with a focus on security studies and minoring in Spanish. She has previously served as the USG of Assemblies & Summits for NCSC XLV as well as the Deputy USG of General Assemblies for NCSC’s sister conference, NAIMUN. Having competed on the MUN circuit for all four years of high school and traveled in college, Bilva is very excited to chair her first collegiate committee. Some of her passions include Indian classical dance and extremely spicy food. When she isn't adding extra spice to dining hall food, updating her Spotify bops, or obsessively organizing every second of her life on her Google Calendar, she is an Associate Board member of the Lecture Fund, an organization that promotes discourse on campus by bringing a myriad of speakers to campus for lectures, a Captain for New Student Orientation, a choreographer and dancer for Rangila (a South Asian charity dance showcase), and a volunteer for the Center for Multicultural Equity and Access. Having a strong passion for international affairs and academic interest in terrorism, war and the Middle East, Bilva cannot wait to chair the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran at NCSC XLVI!