Inside the Inner Circle: Bohemian Grove, 1948

Chair: Elodie Currier

CM: Matty Bernstein

Every year, in mid-July, some of the most prominent figures in the world come together at the 2,700 acre campground at Bohemian Grove. Clouded in secrecy and tradition, the encampment begins with the “Cremation of Care” on the first night, as a representation of ceremonial banishing of worldly cares for the club members during the retreat, though some theorize that it represents the ritualistic shedding of empathy and conscience in favor of the mutual interests of members.

In 1945, the meetings at the Bohemian Grove gained new urgency, as World War II ended with the American dropping of the first atomic weapon. This decision placed the U.S. and its allies as victors in the war, and gave them what President Roosevelt called “the opportunity to bring the world into a pattern in which the peace of the world and our civilization can be saved,” but perhaps more importantly, the opportunity to reform existing civilization with the U.S. as a unipolar hegemony, to limit the influence of the USSR, and to ensure continued economic success of the U.S., whose economy was largely dependent on the war effort. The prominent figures assembled at Bohemian Grove have a unique opportunity to coordinate between American political, defense, economic, and cultural sectors. Delegates will have the opportunity to rewrite the structure of the geopolitical system, and determine whether the U.S. emerges as a shining city on a hill for a new global order, or falls into post-war chaos.

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About the Chair: Elodie is a senior at Georgetown, studying International Politics with an International Law concentration and Jewish Civilization certificate in the School of Foreign Service. Originally from West Hartford, CT, Elodie has previously served as the chair of the CNSA-NASA JCC (China) and the Romanian Crown Council. She also served on both staff and Secretariat for NAIMUN, on the GIRA board, and on leadership for Georgetown’s travel team. When not on the circuit, she can be found trying to detox from MUN by cooking, running, GUSA politics, or maintaining her snapstreaks.

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About the Crisis Manager: Matty Bernstein is a member of the Class of 2019 in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown, studying International Politics and International Business Diplomacy.  Hailing from Encinitas, CA, a suburb of San Diego, Matty has been heavily involved in Model UN at Georgetown- serving on NAIMUN Senior Staff as a sophomore and a member of Conferences Staff as a Junior, along with regularly traveling on the circuit all three years. This will be his third and final NCSC, having missed last year's while studying abroad in Prague, Czech Republic. Outside of MUN, Matty is a brother of the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity, having previously served as its Social and Rush Chair, and will work for RBC Capital Markets doing Sales and Trading during Summer 2018.  When not doing (or while doing) the aforementioned things, Matty can be found at the gym, on Tinder, or watching soccer.