The Rule of the Father of the Poor: Getúlio Vargas' Cabinet, 1937

CM: Julie Antão

Chair: Bianca Lambert

In the 1930s Brazil found itself in a tough position. Having just been hit greatly by the Economic Crash of 1929, Brazil struggled to keep its population happy as its Paulista President, Washington Luis, focused on the country’s international image rather than its internal one. Brazilians, tired of the Paulista politicians and their policies, opted for change and ousted Washington Luis and his “elected” successor Júlio Prestes and installed the Southern candidate Getúlio Vargas as interim president in 1930.

It is now the year 1937 and Getúlio Vargas’ term as president is about to elapse. However, after serving as interim president from 1930 to 1934 and elected president from 1934 – 1937, Vargas is not ready to relinquish power. On November 10th 1937, after learning about the “Cohen Plan,” which detailed a Communist Revolution that planned to take over the government, Vargas declares his “seize of emergency powers” and effectively begins his dictatorship. Delegates will have to opportunity to shape this dictatorship that pioneered the authoritarian wave that swept over Latin America in mid twentieth century and the new-founded Estado Novo.

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About the Chair: Bianca Lambert is a member of the Class of 2020 and majoring in Science, Technology, and International Affairs with a concentration in Security in the School of Foreign Service. She is Brazilian-American and grew up in Los Angeles, California which she will proudly defend as the best state. Bianca travels with the Georgetown Model UN team, and has enjoyed staffing both NAIMUN and NCSC since her freshman year. She loves all things South America so she is super excited to chair a Brazilian committee this year!


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About the Crisis Manager: Julie Antão is a member of the Walsh School of Foreign Service’s class of 2020, where she majors in International Politics with a focus in International Law, Ethics and Institutions and minors in French. Julie was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, where she used to go to the British School. There, she was involved with Model UN since she was a freshman, having served as the Chair of the European Union for Brazil’s Model United Nations conference. Julie served as the Deputy Director of Media and Technology on the NAIMUN LIV secretariat and more recently as the dUSG of Regionals for NAIMUN LV. On the Hilltop, she serves as the Vice President of the Georgetown Program Board for 2018-19. She is also involved with the Brazilian Club, the GU Eating Society, the International Relations Club and is a sister of the Kappa Alpha Theta women’s fraternity.  You can find Julie binge-watching, quoting TV shows, as well as chick-flicks on Netflix, or dancing to Brazilian songs in her room.