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Councils and Boards is an organ with a new combination of crisis committee styles for NCSC XLVI. Combining some of the most traditional committees in Model UN like the United Nations Security Council with more innovative bodies like the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, Councils and Boards is NCSC's take on the cutting-edge of committee structure. Committees are slightly larger (20-25 delegates) than the traditional crisis committee, and represent formal non-state and inter-state organizations that have an increasing level of influence over global affairs. The themes within these committees range from the acute sense of competition on a corporate board of directors to the sweeping powers of the European leaders in their Scramble for Africa. There may be a degree of variation in committee structure and procedure, but these committees will continue to challenge delegates to approach issues with new levels of innovation, perseverance, and tactical brilliance while maintaining the traditional crisis elements that NCSC is known for.

United Nations Security Council, 2007

The Berlin Conference, 1884

Boeing Board of Directors, 1945

All-China Federation of Trade Unions, 2015