USG: Grant Castle

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Cabinets is the hallmark organ of NCSC’s famed crisis committees. These committees are traditional crisis committees (18-20 delegates) and highly competitive with standard crisis powers and procedures. There is no better insight into the dangerous and volatile world of international relations than by direct experience in the administrations of various heads of state. Through the influence of clearly defined portfolio powers and in response to direct attacks on national security, delegates will have to act quickly and efficiently to combat intensely realistic challenges in the modern crisis setting. Committees in the organ vary from our championship match Ad-hoc Committee of the Secretary-General to the post-deposition Cabinet of Robert Mugabe in 2017 Zimbabwe to the Cabinet of Mexico, 1994. 

The Ad-hoc Committee of the Secretary General

The Era of Perfect Dictatorship: Cabinet of Mexico, 1994

The Cabinet of Zimbabwe, 2017

The Rule of the Father of the Poor: Getulio Vargas' Cabinet, 1940