Boeing Board of Directors, 1945

Chair: TJ Mukundan

CM: Carlos Asorey

CM: Brendan DiSimone

As the Board of Directors of Boeing in 1945, you will be faced with the looming end of a war that has elevated you to the peak of flight technology and brought you immense wealth and influence. With the threat of expiring government contracts and receding military needs, you must find a way to continue increasing profits and remain at the forefront of global aerospace technologies. Along the way you will face a myriad of political, security, and commercial challenges ranging from corporate espionage and financial instability to the death of political leaders and the rise of a competing superpower. Whether you chose to face these challenges as principled capitalists pivoting towards a civilian market, or decide to exert your influence and power to construct the most formidable military-industrial complex in history, one thing is clear: you must lead Boeing to reach new heights.

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About the Chair: TJ Mukundan is a member of the Georgetown College Class of 2021. He plans to double-major in Government and Anthropology, and is looking forward to one day finding a job where that combination is actually relevant. TJ’s family currently lives in Brookline, Massachusetts, but he was originally born in Georgia and raised in North Carolina. When not prepping for NCSC, TJ can be found serving as Vice-Chair of Roundtables at the Georgetown Bipartisan Coalition, popping in occasionally to meetings of Georgetown College Democrats, or hanging out with Ozy, the Anthropology Department’s dog. If you can’t find him there, try the well-trodden path between the Hilltop and the Domino’s on Prospect Street in the evenings, and there’s a pretty good shot you’ll see him there.

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About the CM: Carlos Asorey is a member of the Walsh School of Foreign Service Class of 2021 currently pursuing a major in International Economics. Carlos comes from Madrid, Spain, where he first discovered Model UN in middle school, and has continued to participate in and staff conferences ever since. Outside of Model UN, Carlos is involved with the Georgetown University Student Investment Fund, Georgetown Ventures, and YDSE—a language tutoring group. Carlos looks forward to a challenging and exciting committee, and looks forward to meeting you all in October.

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About the CM: Brendan DeSimone is a member of the Walsh School of Foreign Service Class of 2020 majoring in Global Business and minoring in Spanish. Brendan previously was a Crisis Manager for NAIMUN's Board of Directors of Starbucks committee and Crisis Analyst for NCSC's Section VII committee. Brendan grew up in the suburbs of Boston and moved to London for part of his childhood, returning to Massachusetts for high school. In the winter, Brendan is a freestyle ski coach in Vermont. Most Saturday mornings, you can find Brendan in front of a computer trying to buy limited-edition sneakers to resell.