Our Team

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Suraag SrinivaS

Suraag is a proud member of the Class of 2020 in the School of Foreign Service studying Science, Technology, and International Affairs with a concentration in Business, Growth, and Development. While he is originally from the suburbs of Boston, MA, he spent four years in high school in the middle of rural Indiana and will aggressively defend the word y'all as the integral second person plural form of addressing someone. Despite what you might think, rural Indiana does have Model UN and Suraag has been competing ever since his junior year of high school. Outside of competing with Georgetown's MUN team, Suraag is in a student-run consulting group on campus and dances competitively with Georgetown's bhangra team. When not running from meetings to meetings, Suraag enjoys exploring D.C. in search of the best smoothie. Last year, Suraag served as the USG for Joint Crisis at NCSC and the USG of Cabinets at NAIMUN and couldn't be more thrilled to be coming back to NCSC this year as the Secretary-General to make NCSC XLVI the best NCSC yet!

Executive Director


Avery League is a member of Georgetown's Class of 2020 in the Walsh School of Foreign Service majoring in Science and Technology in International Affairs with a Global Health and Biotechnology concentration. She is also pursuing Spanish and French minors. Avery grew up in Huntsville, Alabama, and since arriving at Georgetown has spent extensive time on the Model UN travel team. However, her true love for the challenges of a conference developed while she served as the Director of Delegate Affairs for NCSC XLV. Outside of MUN, Avery is a member of Club Rock Climbing (choosing to actively ignore her lack of physical coordination), the Blue and Gray Tour Guide Society, the Georgetown Admissions Ambassador Program, and the D.C. Schools Project. Her favored forms of procrastination are dramatic movies and Broadway shows, and she is a shameless coffee and chocolate addict. Avery is ecstatic to be your Executive Director, and can't wait to welcome you to our nation’s capital and NCSC XLVI!

Chief of Staff

Jeremy Cohen

Jeremy is a proud member of Georgetown's Walsh School of Foreign Service Class of 2020, where he studies International History and is pursuing a certificate with the Center for Eurasian, Russian, and Eastern European Studies. He calls beautiful Princeton, New Jersey home, and tirelessly defends the Garden State from the constant onslaught of insults hurled at it by overzealous Californians. Jeremy has had a passion for Model UN since beginning his participation during his sophomore year of high school, and now enjoys traveling with the Georgetown team and crisis managing at NAIMUN, Georgetown’s high school conference. Jeremy serves as the Director of Outreach for the Georgetown International Relations Club. Since living in Yorkshire, Jeremy has been an Anglophile, and as a result can typically be found watching The Crown, preparing tea, or lamenting the lackluster performances of Leeds United. He also enjoys making crêpes and indulging his passion for board games by playing more Catan than is academically advisable. After serving as last years USG of Cabinets and Boards, Jeremy is excited for what is sure to be another fantastic NCSC.

Under-Secretary-General of Assemblies and Summits

Neehar Mahidadia

Neehar Mahidadia is a member of the Class of 2021 in the School of Nursing & Health Studies (NHS), majoring in healthcare management & policy with a minor in government. Hailing from Edison, New Jersey, Neehar has competed on the MUN circuit for all four years of high school, was a member of NAIMUN & NAIMUN China staff, and is beyond excited to be a part of NCSC Senior Staff. Neehar is an avid foodie and can be seen trying to find every good Mexican restaurant in D.C. When he isn’t binge-watching literally every show on Netflix, Neehar serves on the NHS Academic Council, dances for the Georgetown South Asian Society charity show known as Rangila and is a consultant at Hilltop Consultants. Neehar cannot wait to share his passion for Model UN (especially large committees!) with all of you at NCSC XLVI!

Under-Secretary-GEneral of Councils and boards

Jonathon Marek

Jonathon Marek is a member of the Walsh School of Foreign Service Class of 2021, planning on majoring in International Political Economy with a minor in Chinese or a certificate in Asian studies. He was born and raised in the greatest city on Earth—Chicago, Illinois—and has been watching the Chicago Cubs for longer than he's been alive. He got involved with Model UN in high school, and after being thrust into a highly-competitive World War II JCC during his first conference, surviving a trial (against the wishes of the Japanese Emperor), and coming out with an honorable mention, he has been addicted to crisis committees ever since. He has continued his obsession with MUN through into college, traveling with Georgetown's team and staffing both NCSC and NAIMUN. Outside of MUN, Jonathon is interested in promoting international relations research as a member of the Walsh Exchange Steering Committee and a staff interviewer for the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs. His own personal research interest, stemming from 10 years of studying Mandarin Chinese and 2 study abroad trips to China, is Sino-American trade and security relations. Because of his constant need to be busier than he should be, Jonathon is also involved with GU Politics and the Caravel newspaper. Jonathon looks forward to using his years of experience with crisis committees to make this NCSC the most engaging and exciting one yet!

Under-Secretary-General OF Regionals

Caleb Yip

Caleb Yip is a proud member of the Walsh School of Foreign Service Class of 2021, and is planning on studying International Politics with a concentration in International Security. He comes from Hong Kong, China, but grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, and enjoys seeing people act as if the White Walkers were coming when it snows an inch in DC. Caleb has been doing Model UN since his junior year of high school and loves traveling with the Georgetown Model UN team. Outside of MUN, he writes for the DC section of the Caravel, Georgetown’s international relations newspaper. In his spare time, Caleb enjoys reading Politico’s Playbooks and living out his dreams of world domination through Civilizations V. He is thrilled to be your USG of Regionals this year, and hopes you’re as excited as he is for NCSC XLVI!

Under-Secretary-General of Cabinets

Grant Castle

Grant Castle is in Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service class of 2021. He is majoring in International Politics with a concentration in Foreign Policy and Policy Processes. Grant is originally from Rochester, N.Y. where he began his Model UN career in 10th grade. Since coming to Georgetown, he has competed at several Model UN conferences with Georgetown’s travel team, served as a Crisis Analyst at NCSC XLV and was the Deputy Director of Programming for NAIMUN LV. Outside of Model UN, Grant serves as the Georgetown University Student Association’s Election Commissioner, is a member of the International Relations Club’s Academic Programming Board, writes for The Caravel, and works in the Georgetown Office of Admissions. In his free time, Grant enjoys mindlessly scrolling through twitter, obsessing over the newest HBO drama, and playing with his Old English Sheepdog, Maisy. Grant is super excited to be on the NCSC Secretariat as your USG of Cabinets and can’t wait to welcome you to D.C. this fall!

UNDER-SEcretary-General of Joint Crisis

SIddharth Muchhal

Siddharth Muchhal is a member of the Walsh School of Foreign Service Class of 2021, and is originally from West Windsor, New Jersey. He has competed in and staffed in over 20 Model UN conferences since high school, and has a passion for crisis committees. Along with serving as USG for Joint Crisis Committees at NCSC, Sidd also serves as the USG for Cabinets at NAIMUN LVI, occasionally competes on the college circuit, and is an active member of the Georgetown International Relations Club. On campus, Sidd is a reporter for the Journal of International Affairs, a member of the Academic Council, and a performer in the bhangra team. You can catch Sidd in his free time repping Manchester United, hunting for good bubble tea spots, or watching The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Sidd is super excited for NCSC, and can’t wait to see you all in October!  

Director of Delegate Affairs

Mark Wilcox

Mark Wilcox is a member of the Walsh School of Foreign Service’s Class of 2021 and is originally from Chesterton, Indiana. He is a loyal proponent of all things Midwest. His high school did not have Model UN, so instead he did debate for all four years. As he transitioned to college, he found Model UN to be a close fit to all the things that he loved about debate (even though neither activity has let him wear his beloved crocs). At Georgetown, Mark loves to travel as much as possible and enjoys staffing NCSC and NAIMUN. Outside of Model UN, he loves to take part in other activities, like tutoring for the After-School Kids program and working on the speaker’s team for the College Democrats. After only one year of college, he has already developed a love-hate relationship with the Arabic language. In order to get a break from many of his self-induced stresses, Mark loves to critically watch movies, spend time with friends, and simply explore new and exciting avenues of life.

Director of Business Development

Jack Korologos

Jack Korologos is a member of Georgetown’s Class of 2021 in the College of Arts & Sciences. He intends to study Global Business in the Walsh School of Foreign Service. Born and raised in New York City, Jack embraces a fast paced environment. His first interest in Model United Nations began his senior year in high school. That interest became a passion after traveling as a delegate with Georgetown’s Model UN team and staffing NCSC XLV. Beyond re-watching Game of Thrones, discussing the potential of bitcoin, or arguing in favor of the oxford comma, Jack works in the Chief of Staff sub-board for Georgetown’s International Relations and organizes the Mentorship program within the organization. Jack is excited to serve as the Director of Business Development for NCSC XLVI this coming October.

Director of operations

Raphy hupez

Raphy is a member of Georgetown's Class of 2021 in the Walsh School of Foreign Service interested in studying International Economics and minoring in Italian. She was born in Washington, D.C. and lived in New Delhi, Istanbul, and Hong Kong, before moving back to Washington, D.C. for high school. Raphy served as a Crisis Analyst for the Section VII committee at NCSC XLV as well as the INTERPOL committee at NAIMUN LV. Outside of Model UN, Raphy enjoys building sets for Nomadic Theatre, welcoming admitted students on GAAP weekends, and singing in the Georgetown University Concert Choir. She enjoys going to restaurants with friends as they help her on her quest to find the best pizza in D.C. and the best french pastries in the area. She is extremely excited to serve as your Director of Operations for NCSC XLVI!

Director of outreach

Alyssa kardos

Alyssa Erin Kardos is a proud member of the School of Nursing and Health Studies, Class of 2021, studying Global Health with a minor in Arabic. Serving on the NCSC secretariat is her first exposure to the world of MUN. Since then she has enjoyed her experiences staffing NAIMUN and traveling. Alyssa migrated from Southern California to attend Georgetown and is still trying to grasp the concept of seasons. Around campus Alyssa assistant teaches at the Hoya Kids Learning Center, speaks with prospective students through the Georgetown Admissions Ambassador Program, welcomes new students through New Student Orientation and Georgetown Weeks of Welcome, and eats a lot while working on the Georgetown Farmer’s Market Board. Her other passions include talking about herself in third person, eating free samosas, and wearing her bright pink crocs. Alyssa is ecstatic to serve as your Director of Outreach to make this the best NCSC yet!

Director of Programming

Thomas Connelly

Thomas Connelly is a member of the class of 2021 in Georgetown's School of Foreign Service, considering a major in International Politics. Despite being born in London, he has since lived in the Hague, The Netherlands (where he first picked up a fascination with international affairs) and in Madrid, Spain (where he first fell in love with Model UN), picking up a somewhat ambiguous accent along the way. Since coming to Georgetown, Thomas has worked as a Crisis Analyst at NCSC XLV and as a Rapporteur at NAIMUN LV, and is excited to serve as your Director of Programming for NCSC XLVI. Outside of Model UN, he can be found rewatching Breaking Bad, consuming copious amounts of peanut butter, developing cutting-edge procrastination strategies, and shaking his fist at Chick-fil-A for being closed on Sundays.   

Director of Media and Technology

Amanda HU

Amanda Hu is a member of Georgetown's Walsh School of Foreign Service Class of 2020 majoring in International Politics with a concentration in International Law, Ethics, and Institutions. Like half of Georgetown, she is from New Jersey and is fiercely proud of it (you can't beat New Jersey bagels). Amanda fell in love with Model UN when she joined her high school's Model UN Team during her junior year, and has staffed both NCSC and NAIMUN since arriving at college. Some of her passions include learning languages and trying every Italian restaurant in D.C. When she isn't learning the lyrics to the French version of Despacito, Amanda works as a graphic designer for the Berkley Center and the Office of the Vice President for Global Engagement, manages design for the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, and pursues her passion for criminal justice with the Georgetown University College Democrats. And watches a lot of Game of Thrones and Madam Secretary.